A fotografia de rua de Joel Meyerowitz

A man lies on the ground in the middle of a crowded city street while a cyclist and pedestrians look at him

No novo livro Joel Meyerowitz aborda como cria as cenas e trata de bastidores e aborda algumas de suas fotos mais famosas. Recentemente ele deu uma entrevista para o site BuzzFeed falando do livro e da carreira. Vale a pena conferir. Joel Meyerowitz. 

The book cover for "How I Make Photographs" by Joel Meyerowitz shows a man playing a harmonica and smoking a cigarette on the sidewalk while other pedestrians stare at him
A woman's face is obscured as she sits in the ticket booth at a movie theater
A man plays harmonica on a crowded city street
Two boys standing on the sidewalk watch a motorcycle drive by
A man looks on at a second man holding a dog on a chain leash
A man carries a large white dog on a city street
A man and a woman carry flowers on a city street