INSS está liberando auxílio-doença em até 45 dias? Processo agora está mais rápido! Confira.

Novas regras e procedimentos de acesso ao auxílio-doença

Since March 20, 2024, citizens can submit the necessary documents for requesting sick pay directly at the Social Security agencies without the need for prior scheduling. This measure aims to reduce waiting time and optimize the flow of people in the INSS facilities. By allowing direct document submission, INSS hopes to make the process faster and less bureaucratic, providing a more efficient service for those in need of the benefit.

Another important innovation is the implementation of the Atestmed system, which eliminates the need for in-person medical evaluation for cases of temporary incapacity of up to 180 days. This system allows medical assessment to be carried out through documents, simplifying the process and speeding up the benefit’s approval. Since its implementation, there has been a significant improvement in service efficiency, with a large portion of requests being processed more quickly.

The partnership between INSS and Correios is also a novelty that eases the sending of pre-requests through postal agencies. This project, which started in Fortaleza, has shown promising results and is being expanded to other regions of the country. Collaboration with Correios is part of INSS’s continuous efforts to speed up the approval of sick pay, aiming to reduce the waiting period to around 30 days by the end of 2024.

Importância do sistema Atestmed para liberação rápida

The Atestmed system has proven to be a valuable tool in speeding up the process of granting sick pay. Since its reformulation in July 2023, almost half of the sick pay requests have been made through this platform. So far, more than one million requests have been registered, of which approximately 595 thousand have been approved. The platform also automatically redirects cases that still require a medical examination, ensuring that all requests are handled properly.

The use of Atestmed not only streamlines the process for beneficiaries but also reduces the workload in Social Security agencies. With less need for in-person exams, medical examiners can focus on more complex cases, while most requests are resolved quickly through the digital platform. This approach contributes to a more efficient distribution of resources and improves the quality of service to policyholders.

The documents required to apply for sick pay through Atestmed include a medical or dental certificate:

  • Without erasures;
  • Containing the full name of the applicant;
  • Date of issuance of the certificate;
  • Clear diagnosis with the CID code (when applicable);
  • Signature and stamp of the responsible professional;
  • Date of commencement of rest with the estimated recovery period.

The clarity and accuracy of the documents are essential for the efficient processing of requests.

Futuro do atendimento e liberação do auxílio-doença

The partnership between INSS and Correios represents a significant advance in simplifying the process of requesting sick pay. By allowing pre-requests to be sent through postal agencies, INSS expands the reach of its services, making them more accessible to the population, especially in remote areas. This pilot project has already shown positive results and is scheduled to be implemented in other regions, contributing to the goal of reducing the waiting time for benefit approval.

The ultimate goal of INSS with these changes is to promote greater accessibility and convenience for beneficiaries throughout Brazil. The reduction of bureaucracy and the implementation of new technologies aim to ensure that more people can receive the necessary support in times of vulnerability without facing long waiting periods. Additionally, these initiatives help optimize the resources of Social Security, allowing for more effective and efficient service.

INSS está liberando auxílio-doença em ATÉ 45 DIAS? Processo está MUITO mais rápido!

One of the most pressing questions regarding the INSS processes is whether the institution is indeed approving sick pay benefits in up to 45 days. The answer to this question is yes, the process has become much faster due to recent changes and innovations implemented by the INSS.

Through initiatives such as the direct submission of documents at Social Security agencies, the Atestmed system for remote medical evaluations, and the collaboration with Correios for pre-request submissions, the INSS has significantly reduced the waiting time for sick pay approval. These measures aim to provide a more efficient and agile service to those in need of assistance due to health issues.

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Em suma, o INSS está, de fato, liberando o auxílio-doença em até 45 dias, graças às mudanças estruturais e tecnológicas recentemente implementadas. A aceleração do processo beneficia não apenas os segurados, mas também a eficiência dos serviços prestados pela Previdência Social no Brasil.