INSS emite ALERTA URGENTE para beneficiários de pensões e aposentadorias: confira as orientações importantes!

Understanding the INSS Proof of Life

A prova de vida do INSS, or the proof of life by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), is a crucial procedure to ensure the continuity of benefit payments to retirees and pensioners. It is a measure adopted by the INSS to prevent fraud and improper payments, verifying that the beneficiary is alive and eligible to continue receiving their benefits.

Since 2023, the INSS has simplified this process, allowing for a more accessible and convenient way to complete it without the need for frequent trips by the insured. Additionally, the INSS has decided to suspend benefit blockages due to lack of proof of life until the end of 2024, providing temporary relief during this period of transition and adjustments in procedures.

How to Properly Complete the Proof of Life

Beneficiaries of the INSS have two main options to complete the proof of life:

1. Meu INSS App: The most convenient way is through the Meu INSS app, which can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets. The process includes a facial recognition system among other ways of verifying identity.

2. At the Bank: Alternatively, insured individuals can complete the proof of life at the bank where they usually receive their benefits, often using biometrics at ATMs or directly at the bank branches.

Opting for biometrics at bank branches or ATMs provides an extra layer of security, minimizing the need to provide personal information and reducing the risk of fraud.

Other Methods for INSS Proof of Life Verification

In addition to the traditional options for completing the proof of life at the INSS, there are other methods that can be used in different contexts to verify identity and service continuity. These methods include:

Facial Recognition: Using facial recognition technology through specific apps or online services.
Digital Biometrics: Verification through fingerprint scans on enabled devices or bank terminals.
Electronic Signature: Using a certified electronic signature to validate documents and transactions.
Voice Verification: Systems that use the individual’s voice as a means of authentication.
Video Calls: Verification procedures conducted through video calls with authorized agents.
Security Codes: Utilization of temporary codes sent via SMS or email for service access.
Official Letters or Emails: Sending correspondence that requires a response to confirm the beneficiary’s identity and activity.
Scheduled Technical Visits: For specific cases, visits by accredited technicians for in-person verification.

These methods offer security and convenience, adapting to the technological and operational needs of institutions and users.

Tips to Protect Yourself from Scams

Vigilance and Precaution: To avoid falling victim to scams, never provide personal information or documents to strangers, especially if contacted in an unofficial manner. Scammers can be convincing, so it is crucial to verify the identity of anyone claiming to be an INSS employee.

Official Communication Channels: The INSS communicates with beneficiaries through official channels, including mail sent to the registered address, emails, and notifications through the Meu INSS app. Be wary of any approach that does not use these channels.

If you suspect fraud, it is essential to contact the INSS immediately through their official customer service channels to verify the legitimacy of the request. Report suspicious activities to help prevent others from falling victim to similar scams.

Perguntas Frequentes

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Com essas informações em mente, os beneficiários do INSS podem garantir que estão protegidos contra fraudes e que estão cumprindo corretamente o procedimento de prova de vida exigido pelo instituto. Esteja sempre atento às orientações oficiais e siga as instruções de segurança fornecidas para garantir a continuidade dos pagamentos de benefícios.